To all the online coaches out there...

Do you want to have weeks of social media content

done in a day?

And yes, I mean original and authentic content by you

(that shows what a brilliant expert you are)

written, organized, and scheduled...DONE!

You are building a business from your own ideas and experiences and want to communicate with your followers, but you keep falling into the never-ending time suck


I mean how does this task EVER leave your to-do list?

And seriously, what do you write day after day after day?

  • You've seen other people be successful online
  • You know you have all it takes to truly help and serve your clients
  • You so deeply want to spend time connecting, but don't have quick ways to make it happen
Point out their symptoms

Do they feel this way?

Read Their Minds

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What will help your business succeed with social media content?


A like feels nice, but what is it really doing for you? You deserve more than a click. Quality is better than quantity and you need to build quality relationships with your followers.


Is that what your followers really want? Will they connect with you if your writing is generic?

Generic and quick advice like this doesn't give your followers the help, the connection, or the value they really need.


I get it, it would be cool to have something go viral and watch the views soar. So, okay, everyone sees your post in a flash...and then they're gone. Or, do you have the foundation to keep them around?

You see, the truth is

you need time to build trust with your followers,

you need energy to develop relationships,

you need to give your attention where you're needed most.

And a million likes, a viral post, or generic posts just won't get you there.

I was stuck Feeling Overwhelmed

with content

I was trying everything that everyone else was doing to build a following and make money fast. I tried to say what they said and do what they did to get their results. But it didn't work and I was left feeling frustrated.

So I stopped, took a step back, and realized that I needed to get myself organized, speak my truth from my talents, and build relationships with those that matter most to me.

Almost as soon as I did it, my business life changed. Opportunities opened up, I met people who not only supported me but actively wanted to help me build my business. I met clients that truly needed the help only I could give. They literally asked me for it.

They read what I wrote, they believed me, and they understood that I was writing all of it from my heart. And I was there to help them.

It was a game changer.

So now my mission is to help you do the same, help you write authentic social media content in a day, so you can get to the most important business of connecting and helping your clients.

What would life be like when

your followers lives are better because of your words?

Show off all the possible benefits. Be visual, creative. Imagine the benefits.

You don't have to "keep up" if you get it all done in one day.

Everything you need to write great content is in you, we just need some time to find it and shape it.

Small Call to Action Headline

And More!

You absolutely can write social media content that attracts your followers, communicated with the best of your business, and engages with your audience with the right structure and guidance

You'll have more time

You'll build a solid Foundation

You'll know exactly what you're communicating and when

What if you had...

Thoughtfully written inspired content that truly reflects your business

(that doesn't have to be written by a copywriter)

Organized writing that covers all the bases

(perfect for brilliant people like you who have so many ways to help, so many things to say, and an ache to connect with and serve your clients)

A structured system for all your content

(without figuring out how or where to keep all your content, because I've done it for you!)

Deeper relationships with your followers

(because you actually have the time to attend to them)

You absolutely can

write social media content that attracts your followers,

communicates with the best of your business, and

engages with your audience

and have it


Introducing the...

Muse Method Intensive

The Muse Method Intensive is a one-day VIP program where I teach and help you write, organize, and schedule weeks of social media content.

We work together online for a 6-hour day and then you're DONE! with social media. Weeks of content will be written, organized, and scheduled so you can focus on the clients that need you the most.

Perfect for women who are online coaches that do every part of their business on their own and they want the task of Social Media Content checked off their list!

How it Works




Before we work together, I'll send a short video for you to watch outlining my Classic Categories and give you a place to write all the ideas for each category. I'll also give you tutorials to set up an Airtable account where we'll digitally organize all of your content with my Social Muse Power Planner.

Finally, I'll ask for information about your Muse Network, the people you want to connect with for your business. I'll do some research on what they want and are interested in, so your content will connect with them.

We'll finish this pre-work before we meet, so I can have time to review it and start to create the content to meet the needs of you and your followers.



Work Together

On our Muse Method Intensive day we will start by writing all of your content. We'll use the ideas you gave during pre-work and add them to my starters (questions, fill-in-the-blanks, sentence starters, ideas) to inspire your content. Using my Ideas+Inspiration Formula we'll create instant content quickly.

We'll take a break, where you get to take an actual break, but I'll keep working to organize your content using my FAME Strategy in the Social Muse Power Planner for you. This digital planner will house all of your content and keep it organized. You'll have all your content organized and accessible whenever you need it. It provides a space so that this foundational content can easily be revised and reused so you never have to start from scratch again.

After the break, we'll come back together. I'll give you a mini tutorial on branding photos and graphics, and then for the rest of our time we'll have a co-working session. I'll help brand photos and graphics for you while you schedule your content. I'll be there to troubleshoot, help, and hold you accountable to schedule as much content as possible.

We'll end the day with a quick review of my 3 Rs Method which helps you take all your newly written everyday content and turn it evergreen.

We'll take breaks as we need to, but we'll keep focused to get through the whole Muse Method in a day.




I'll follow up to support you if there is more content to schedule or finish. Then, following our intensive, I'll check in and make sure everything is running smoothly and I'll send email reminders to help you incorporate my 3 Rs Method to turn your everyday content into evergreen content.

Spots are limited

While helping you write and bringing your brilliance from your heart and mind to paper (and computer!) is my favorite part of my work. I can't do this everyday.

I am fully present and attentive on Muse Method Intensive days, so spots are limited.

What is the Muse method?

The Muse Method is my made-for-social-media-content Writing Process.

We work through each step of the process for this intensive: brainstorming, writing, organizing, revising, editing, scheduling, branding, and publishing.

Throughout this day I'll teach you how to do each step, so while we do complete weeks of social media content, you'll know exactly HOW to do all of it so you can fly on your own without me after the intensive. day and then you're gone?


I teach so you won't need me

While I love to work with you, I also love to teach you. And, if I've done my job then you'll learn plenty from me in during the Muse Method Intensive Day so you won't need me to help you write, organize, and schedule content again. Not to mention, the foundation of content we create in the intensive will set you up so you'll never start from scratch again.


I'll keep checking in

Well... I'm not really gone. We're just done with our intensive, so you can get to your clients and I can get to mine. I'll keep checking in on your and always share new opportunities and connections, when they arise.


3Rs Method

I will teach you my 3Rs Method which will help you evaluate your writing to see if it is accomplishing what you need from it and is communicating in the way you want. You'll receive follow-up emails from me to help remind of this method that helps you build your evergreen content.


Pop-Up Workshops

Working with my Muse Method Intensive clients is the best and I hate for the fun to end too. So, I will have additional opportunities for the Muse Method Alums to get together and work on exactly what you need next.


Mindful Muse Writers Group

This free Facebook group is a place where you can continue to get help from me, get more inspiration, and learn the latest about how to make social media content work to help you build your network.


Only An Email Away

If you need a pep talk or a quick refresh, I'm only an email away. I take great care of the people I work with and I will always connect if you need me to reach out.

What will this cost?



Must be paid in full before the Intensive Day

Payment plans available

6 hour day working together

You'll learn:

The Muse Method for writing content

The FAME Strategy for organizing content

How to brand photos and graphics

Ideas+Inspiration Formula for writing content

The 3 Rs Method to create evergreen content

You'll walk away with:

Social Muse Power Planner - Digital Organizer

Original branded images and templates

Weeks of written, organized, and scheduled content

If your social media content is

written, organized, and scheduled,

what would that give you?

How much time would that save you?

How many more clients can you meet?

How much more energy can you give to creating programs and packages?

Before we get to the buy now button...

Take some time to apply and fill out some questions

about your business and your goals with social media.

We'll see if we're a good fit together to meet the goals you have for creating your content.

You don’t have to take my word for it

Jessica gives so much value and has been very instrumental in helping me grow my online presence. She will provide you with the tools to be able to implement many strategies to build and organize your content. Jessica breaks it down into bite-size pieces, so you will not get overwhelmed at all. What I have learned from Jessica has saved me so much time and stress, as a business owner, my time and less stress, equals more money and my sanity back. Jessica goes above and beyond by sharing her knowledge and skills with you. I highly recommend using Jessica's services, and she will take your business to a whole new level.

- tammie chrin, business coach

FOUNDER kdp4b2b and Co-Founder PEAK 2 PEAK Publishing

Jessica met me right at my point of need. She worked with me to broaden my reach by implementing new content to Pinterest and Instagram. Jessica has given me the tools I need to successfully reach new clients! She is completely focused on helping me reach my goals for my coaching business, Braveroot. Jessica has equipped me with confidence and pride in my work. She’s given me “feet to stand on” as I broaden my clientele base! I happily recommend her services to anyone seeking help on website appeal, creating content, and broadening their reach via social media. She will empower you with the tools you need to reach your people, move forward to achieve your goals, and grow your business!

- steph yoder, adventure coach

OWNER braveroot coaching

add some video testimonials 

if you have them.

We'll be done in a day.

But what about the days after...

You'll have weeks of social media content is written, organized, and scheduled. Think of the release from the pressure and the freedom you'll feel.

You'll have plenty of time to develop relationships with clients through the content you've written.

You'll be building more trust and landing more clients.

You'll have the freedom to attend to the consistent growth of your business because you truly have the time to invest in developing deep trust with your clients.

You'll have time to build your business,

solidify your offers and programs, and consistently make money.

So... are you ready?



Must be paid in full before the Intensive Day

Payment plans available

6 hour day working together

You'll learn:

The Muse Method for writing content

The FAME Strategy for organizing content

Put a Brand On It - tutorials for branding

Ideas+Inspiration Formula for writing content

Follow up with the 3Rs method

You'll walk away with:

Social Muse Power Planner - Digital Organizer

Original branded images and templates

Weeks of written, organized, and scheduled content

frequently asked questions

What tech will we use?

We will connect over Zoom. You'll need a free Airtable account, free Canva account, and access to the social media platform of your choice. I'll give you tutorials on how to sign up so you're all ready before we have our day together.

Can this be for any platform?

This works best with writing content for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram since those are typically platforms with feeds that need consistent daily content.

Who is this best for?

I work primarily with coaches who have an online business working to or working at a 4 or 5 figure monthly income. They typically do not have a team (yet), they are doing all the work of their business by themselves.

Do I need a ton of followers?

You don't need a ton of followers, but it helps to have some. As you post your content you'll want the instant reward of having your audience comment and engage with your brilliant writing.

Do you have a refund policy?

Because we start and stop our work all in a day, there is no refund. Payment is due in one payment or in two payments. Payment must be made in full before the Muse Method Intensive day starts.

Do you have a guarantee?

Although, I do my best to help you write the most amazing content possible and help you schedule it all, I cannot guarantee the results for your business from the content. Fortunately, I teach you my 3Rs method to help you evaluate your writing and make changes to help you connect with as many people as possible.

Why do I have to apply?

This is a big investment and I want to make sure it is the right fit for both of us. After I review and accept your application, I will send an email to set up a call. We'll talk on the call to make sure we're a good fit together and then I'll offer the intensive and we can set up a day and time to work.

What time does it start?

Once you apply, I'll see if we're a good fit. Then I'll get in touch and we'll find a day and times that can work for both of us. It will be a six-hour time slot so we both can give our full attention to your content.

I want you to have this content and I want you to have it all right now.

For real... done in a day.

Are you ready?